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How to prevent getting any kind of cancer?

A close friend of mine died of pancreatic cancer last year and he wasn't even that old. 

I'm still scared if same can happen to me or my other friends.

Even the docs could not tell why he got pancreatic cancer. By the time it was diagnosed it had already metasized a lot. 

But my question is, how to prevent any kind of cancer.

I'm in 40s, 6 feet , 155 lbs. Don't drink and don't smoke. Exercise sometimes too.  I eat all kinds of foods but avoid high sugar food. 


I've been screened for colon cancer through colonoscopy. It was normal

I was also screened for prostate cancer and that too was normal.

But I don't know how to get screened for Pancreatic cancer as that's what my friend died of. The doc did order stomach ultrasound and that was normal too

Update 2:

LAN you earned block

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    Cancer is primarily a disease of old people. It can be caused by genetics in some people and by environment in many others (which includes sun exposure, radiation, smoking, work environment, etc.), or by your own body's cell mutation as you get older. You can minimize your risk by maintaining a healthy body weight, staying physically active, wearing sunblock, and not smoking. But there are no guarantees in life and you could still get prostate cancer when you are in your 70s.

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    2 months ago

    tuff question, BUT, know this, that sugar feeds cancer AND read up on Paula Ganner, she helped many people

  • Mike G
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    2 months ago

    Life comes with no guarantees.

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    Don’t drink, smoke, or do illegal drugs. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a balanced diet. I’d be sure to visit the doctor regularly to get screened for cancer.  If you catch cancer earlier, it’s easier to treat.

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