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Wouldn't COVID be practically gone by now if Democrats didn't riot the pandemic?

They violated social distancing rules the entire summer. 


during* the pandemic

Update 2:

I agree it wouldn't have happened if Obama was president because they wouldn't have been doing anything possible, including murdering old people with Covid spread, to get rid of him.  

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  • 2 months ago

    No, it would have been worse.  The virus spread less in places, because rioting keeps the rioters outdoors.  The virus mainly spreads indoors, where people aren't rioting.

  • 2 months ago

    And the Trump rallies and other super-spreader events at the White House had nothing to do with it?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No.  There doesn't seem to have been a big spike related to the social justice protests (what you falsely term 'riots') earlier this year.  Those protests occurred around the country so if there was a link between them and covid we would expect to have seen surges around the country.  But numbers continued to go down in many places even during and after the protests.  It's believed that the protests were relatively safe because they happened outside and there was heavy, although by no means universal, mask usage. 

    Instead. when we look at where the virus surged this summer it was largely in Sun Belt communities which had Republican governors.  These governors reopened their economies precipitously and with few or no restrictions.  They also remained lukewarm at best, and hostile at worst, to mask usage.  The consequence of this is massive infection spread.  Even as numbers in New York, the initial epicenter, went down and down over the summer, they skyrocketed in states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida.  The disease then moved into midwestern and western states largely run by Republicans.  The world epicenter right now, in terms of percentage of people infected, is the Dakotas. 

    What kept us from getting the virus under control wasn't left wing social justice protests but rather right wing refusal to abide by virus mitigation strategies particularly wearing masks, and action which is extremely important in stopping viral spread and which Republicans immediately politicized. 

  • Ian
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    2 months ago

    Florida beaches were FILLED during spring break, the Sturgis motorcycle REPUBLICAN rally, anti-mask protests by ignorant 'tards, ANTI BLM protests by tiny peckered men with big guns, and YOUR president telling people masks were for weaklings, then there's Religious no-minds congregating EVERYWHERE, but yes blame BLM on Democrats when in reality, it's a bunch of REPUBLICAN cops out killing Blacks for what I think I'm hearing in your question is, "Wouldn't there be less Covid if Blacks knew their place and didn't cause trouble?" Isn't THAT what you mean you peckerwood CRACKER?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    When the virus hit the US, what were the Democrats doing? They were trying to impeach Trump with hearings and meetings. The Democrats were not concerned about this Virus, they were concerned about removing a President who was up for election this year. So they were not concerned enough to stop the proceedings and help with the virus spread, they didn't do anything because they saw a way to use that in their campaigns. They put their party and their jobs first, not the American people

    Trump didn't order patients with Covid into nursing homes where 100,000 senior citizens lived to die because they were infected by covid positive patients.

    Democrats offered no advice or help, they said nothing, offered nothing and they did nothing

    Democrats refused to use hospital ships in New York city and San Diego

    Democrats refused to use field hospitals that the federal government set up to help strapped hospitals cope with patients

    Democrats stated Trump was acting illegal when he ordered shuttered auto plants to produce ventilators and ship them where needed.

    Pelosi was caught going to a beauty shop, which was against her Nephews (Governor of California) orders and then screamed she was set up. Pelosi invited people to China town for a night out, and when she was interviewed about it, she only talked about her freezer and the ice dream in it.

    Democrats called Trump a racist and saw no reason to shut down travel to covid infected countries .

    And I guess Trump is responsible for the virus being in  Europe, Spain, Italy. Mexico too I guess

    Ask Pelosi why the Democrats did nothing, what they suggested, why did Biden stay in his basement the entire time? 

  • 2 months ago

    Fun fact:  People at BLM protests and the like, wear masks, are outside and are walking, so there has been no evidence of any spikes in cases as a result.

    On the other hand, people at trump super spreader events didn't wear masks, yelled a lot, and stayed in place.  Same thing with the Sturgis motorcycle rally.  No masks, lots of physical contact, lots of spread.  There were demonstrable spikes after trump rallies and Sturgis.  

    But since that doesn't fit your narrative, I'm sure that the facts won't have much impact on your "thinking". 

  • 2 months ago

    mayors of our largest cities....all of whom had been ordering large fines for people daring to walk their dogs in parks or sit in groups of 5 on their front porches...did nothing for weeks as groups of hundreds and thousands marched maskless on their streets.... black ministers across the country held indoor "vigils" attracting hundreds while other churches were still locked down...

    meanwhile, very few seem to notice that they also relaxed shut-down orders on bars shortly after the riots....the bar down the street from me called itself a "restaurant" because it served chips and chicken wings....they built an outdoor "beer garden" that sat over 100....without a mask in sight..

    oh yeah..... the bar just happens to be popular with minority 20-somethings and working class folks... the same demographic as the ones who marched angrily over "systemic racism"...

    a critical thinker uncrippled by partisan stoogery might almost wonder if this was intentional....a means to "medicate" that segment with booze and televised sports so that they wouldn't be so angry the rest of the summer....

    ....and maybe, if someone wanted to look deeper they might wonder if it wasn't really "racism" that was behind all the anger....and that they mayors were quite aware of this from the beginning...

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What about the trump rallies that were held indoors. You know, the one that might have killed Herman Cain. 

    Epidemiologist can tell you that an indoor rally with no masks and no social distancing is way more dangerous than an outdoor riot with masks and no social distancing. 

    The rose garden party. When did the guests catch the covid. At the outdoor garden or in the room for the after party. My money is on the after party since it was indoors and I’m sure people were sharing foods at the party. 

  • 2 months ago

    And republicans have ignored all social distancing and mask requirements since March..............

  • 2 months ago

    This is indeed the most treacherous germ we have ever encountered.  It knows when a gathering is for the Left (and does not infect more) or the right (and it's a "super spreader.")  Trump never stood a chance against COVID19.

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