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Did Scott's cloning of Trump's US's foreign policy destroy our relations with China?

Scott modelled Australian foreign policy on advice from a man who believed injecting ourselves with disinfectant was possible.

Scotts subservience to this mad man has gone on to cost Australian business billions, when will you resign Scott, when?


@Anonymous, I dont think people lining up for food give a ratsarse about the middle east, trump's domestic policy, has left half the country hating the other half with an increasing covid infestion, thankfuck the middle east the ******** of the universe is good now.

Update 2:

@Aussie Devil: Australia took the lead on many issues which pissedchina off, I can't see why we should have taken the lead over covid when we have suffered little to compared, why didn't the EU take the lead, they have many countries overwhelmed by covid? 

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    Australia would do well to adopt New Zealand's foreign policy and stop antagonizing our trading partners

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    Yes it did and i don't mind that.  A PM needs to stand up for what is right . Not cave in to every demand like Chamberlin did to Hitler . If Australia was to cave in to what China wants they would run all over us  

    Go learn your history 

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    Trump stood up to China and didn't start a war let alone WW3 and even accomplished some countries accepting Israel in the Middle East. Not bad for someone not in the Swamp like Obama/Biden/Clinton.  You raised foreign policy. 

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    China is literally moving into every country that it can. Only a few strong nations are surviving cultures for their own people.

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    It's got nothing to do with our foreign policy, China are putting the squeeze on Australia because we are at the forefront of wanting an inquiry into covid 19 starting in China, and besides how can you negotiate with a Country that won't even pick up the phone and talk to you, we should ban Chinese students from studying in Australia, it would be hard on our universities but we need to do something to put a stop to that pathetic country.

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