Why do you say Buddhist monks become deity not all become deity some are stuck in this realm with bad karma ?

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    2 months ago

    In the Buddhist idea of rebirth (keep in mind there is a spectrum of belief here) there are two types of beings that are "above" human: small g gods think superhero and hungry ghosts.

    Of the two both are frowned on states of being. A hungry ghost is a being of regret and deity is a being who has an aspect that is perfected but lacks the ability to perfect any other. The ideal is to not become either the ideal is to not be reborn at all. Only a human can do that. Only a human has the right combination of baseness and higher thinking that they can break out of the wheel of becoming.

    Now, many people such as myself, think the 6 states of being were analogies. It's not literally when you die you become a hungry ghost or a deity. It's more like in your life you can enter into a state where you have become a master at one activity with no willingness to try to become better at anything else or a being consumed by regret of the past such that they live a ghost like existence unable to effect change.

    I leave it up to you to decide if this was (historically) a literal belief in the afterlife or a useful analogy of what happens to people in this life. To me it's unclear which view the Buddha personally believed. What is clear to me, and pretty much every Buddhist thinker the past 2500 years, is it is not about belief it is about practice. 

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    2 months ago

    Nobody says Buddhist monks become deity.  Next.

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