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How could this age difference relationship work?

It's a 9 year age difference because my birthday is first in the year. We are a same-sex couple and yes looking into the law we didn't really commit any crime. I was 15 and he was 25 when we met not psychically though I tried keeping it secret. CPS did get involved but they couldn't find anything to prove it. They reported it as a psychical sexual relationship even though nothing psycial ever happened. I am now 21 he is 31 he's also the oldest I've been with. My first boyfriend was the only boyfriend I had that was younger than me by some months when we were 14. But the whole point of my relationship I do actually worry about things like him dying way before me. I also wonder how our generational difference could be a factor. He's a millennial and I'm Gen Z. He was born 1991 I think and I was born 1999. So yeah when it does come to generation culture how could it be possible to fit in? What do millennials like in a relationship? I'm also a Leo and he's a Virgo next one to Leo I'm pretty sure. They do seem to do well together though.

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    This isn't that big a difference in the context of a long term serious relationship between mature adults. When he's 67, you'll only be 57. When he's 82 you'll only be 72. No big deal. 

    If we're not in the context of a long term serious relationship between mature adults, then no big deal either. Like any other less serious relationship, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. You enjoy it while it lasts with the understanding and acceptance of its being temporary. 

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