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If u see a fat guy in an army uniform at the local shops, is he doing that stolen valor trick ?


@armorour - you said you served in the British Army when the Luftwaffe bombed London, and also that you served in the Australian Army when the Japanese invaded, now you also have a US uniform? I think you are doing that stolen Valor trick. 

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    I was close to 190lbs when I was in the Regular Force.  And, yes, the annual PT tests were tough for me!  It happens.

    As a reservist, I have seen people much bigger.  Canadian Rangers have no set physical requirements apart from being able to survive out in the bush.  Some of them are awesome people, and some are pretty big!

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    YOU won't be old enough to enlist for several years.

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    2 months ago

    Nice trollage, kid.

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    He maybe be, most guys loses weight

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    No, large people can be fit and pass their fitness tests. Konishiki who was up over 600 pounds when he was in Sumo can bench press his own weight.

    I do not think he would much on a forced march, but the point is you do not have to be fitness mag cover boy to be fit for purpose. If you are serving at Thule or someplace like that, maybe there is not that much there for getting exercise and the chow is monotonous. 

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    2 months ago

    Most likely he's a McTroll.

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    Here are the FACTS for the 10,000 time Joined the RAF AFTER WW2 served 9 years then Emigrated to Australia and Joined the RAAF for another 29 years Retired at 55 

    Please show me with a Link where I say I was in the Australian Army during WW2

    because I never served in any Army

    Note as a veteran after 38 years in 2 Air forces what is a Stolen Valour TRICK

    Because i have never seen one or heard of one and the USMC dress Blues is Sarcasm Oh that is Right Americans don't Know what sarcasm is

    and as For my service you are welcome

    it is NOT stolen Valour to wear any Uniform

    I wear the USMC dress blues to clean my car and my toilet

    7 Thumbs down did any of you serve?

    No that is why you abuse me a 38 year Veteran

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    2 months ago

    Might be Trump, be careful

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes. That covers several users on here

    Source(s): Fake vets Mr Wolf, Weasel McWeasel.
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