Calculate concentration of mixture with flow rates?


I am trying to calculate the concentration of a mixture with specific flow rates.

Say I have three tanks with with different concentrations of As, Cd and Zn. All tanks have a pump which pumps the liquid to a big tank. I want to find the concentration in this big tank. Below you can find what I did (with support of the picture):

Lets take As (arsenicum). I multiplied the concentration in tank 1 with the flow rate of pump 1. The same I did for tank 2 and 3. I summed it for a total.

So: 9ug*4L/s + 3ug*3L/s + 64ug*5L/s = 365ug/s

This I then divided by the total flow rate, which gives me a concentration.

So: 365ug/s/12L/s = 30ug/L

For the other components I used the same calculation.

Is my calculation correct? or is it to simple?

Please let me know.

Kind regards,

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