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Why is SHITCOIN going down today, I need that money for Black Friday deals???

I bought some on Wed because people said it was going to go up over the holidays and I thought I could increase the budget for Christmas shopping by a few hundred dollars but now it isn't up it's DOWN!  This is so unfair, I never would of bought if I knew it was going to go down like that, now we have less money for Christmas I can't afford to wait for it to come back up we need that money now!!!

This is so stupid there should be like a money-back guarantee in case it doesn't do what people say it will.  How can I get my money back???

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    2 months ago
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    When is the world going to realize it revolves around you and what you want

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    Its not "suppossed to" go up.

    Non-tangeable investments are ALWAYS a risk.   The value goes up or down depending on the current market.

    You can sell for the current value or leave it sit and wait to see if the value goes back up

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    2 months ago

    Bitcoin has no assets.  It could disappear overnight.

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