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Which country in South America do people from the USA know most about?

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    Brazil is the largest, most populous, and the wealthiest country in South America. While the percentage of Americans who are knowledgeable about other countries is probably smaller than the percentage of people who don't know much or care to know much, of those that do have a bit of knowledge, it's almost a guarantee that they know more about Brazil than any other country. Why? Well, because they hear more about it. And because there are more famous people from Brazil known in America than there are from other South American countries. And lastly because larger, more populous, wealthier countries are better at exporting their culture. Everybody knows about Carnival in Rio and the exotic Amazon and Brazilian models. Even people from the other countries in South America know more about Brazil than they do about each other. Brazil is the focal point of South America for most of the world. 

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