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Time for Australia to stand up to China?

China spread the China Virus killing millions. 

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    Only killed 1.4 million.

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    Did they purposely send us the virus? no one is saying that. Don't we like to think we do the right thing ?If you don't like what someone does in their own home you don't go there or have anything to do with that person do you.

    We don't like anything China does when it comes to human rights so we cant associate with the CCP we should throw down with the people of Hong Kong.

    Why shouldn't the Chinese people have the same rights as we have ?

    As China is going to have in a food shortage in the near future watch us donate them food. Why we became so addicted to Chinese money the greed of a small few to sell out the country is disgusting. We need to have a good hard look at our system which allowed that to happen. Maybe Hang some traitors.

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    2 months ago

    China already thinks that Australians are too arrogant and disrespectful, we would do well to humble down a bit to improve relations with them..

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    2 months ago

    We wouldn't have a problem with china if scott didn't follow that nutter donald, what kind of idiot would follow a guy that isn't playing with a full deck?

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    2 months ago

    I agree Australia should not allow itself to be bullied by the Chinese.  I also agree that I feel sure that the coronavirus did not start by a man eating a bat in a Chinese market and China is hiding a much more sinister story about how the virus started.  China does not want anyone to come and do a investigation and has started to make it difficult for Australia to sell its products into China to try and make us shut up in our demands for an investigation.

      Some people are concerned it could start a war between Australia and China but the fact is the USA is on our side and would join in with us as they are concerned as much as we are at china's growing power.  That would be a major problem for China as the USA would stop trading with China and 70% of Chinese money comes from the USA buying Chinese cheap crap.  If China lost that trade it would be devastating to the Chinese economy.  China cannot risk such a loss of trade.

      For now china has singled Australia out for punishment with ridiculously high tariffs on Australian exports to China and I think America should support us by refusing to buy Chinese goods.  Kmart basically only stock cheap Chinese goods and maybe Australians should protest outside their stores for supporting the sale of Chinese goods.  Perhaps the Australian government should apply tariffs of the same percentage as China puts on our products so suddenly Chinese goods are not as cheap and Australian manufacturers may be able to compete again and create a lot of employment, or maybe seek out products made in other Asian countries and cut back Chinas money making ability.

      China is causing a lot of problems around the world.  I now see they have bullied a small pacific island into allowing them to operate a large fish processing ship near Australian waters, and I have no doubt they will be sending their fishing ships into Australian waters stealing our fish stocks.  Apparently South American countries are already having their seas raped of fish by Chinese factory ships.  China is also trying to take over the South China Sea pushing other countries around threatening international shipping in the area.  China is becoming dangerous and it would be a huge mistake for Australia to buckle under the pressure and back down and become subservient to China.

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    yes it is and  Not give into  China like what the Labor party want to do 

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  • 2 months ago

    China didn't spread COVID, international travellers from all nations did.

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