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How can I make a concoction to make a magic spell so I can be a mystical fairy?

I know I am a fairy, it’s in my blood but I don’t know how to manifest my powers. Can a witch help me? What spell do I do to turn into a fairy?

I want to be a fairy with glittering gold and pink wings. I want long beautiful pink hair and golden eyes. I want a mystical wand with a white crystal on the top.

If you’re going to be rude don’t even bother because I know you’re just miserable.

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    Go to your local arts and crafts store, buy some glitter and crepe paper. Then, go into your closet, get some wire hangers, bend them into wing shapes. Cover the wire hangers with the crepe paper, sprinkle vigorously with glitter, and bam! Now you have your own fairy wings to wear around town and have normal people point and laugh at you for thinking you are a fairy.

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    2 months ago

    That is not the way.

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    I believe absinthe is the customary potion.  Gin plus juniper berries and some other aromatics with benzene rings.  Traditionally with methyl alcohol, but I recommend against that.

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    There is a concoction, but don't try to make it yourself.  You probably have to wait several years to have someone else make it for you, in fact, but it's still available and it's very real.

    You'll need to go to a special place of business to get this elixir, but they can be found.  Try the Chapel At The Abbey in LA or the Stonewall Inn in NYC.  If you're not near either of those cities, just look for a place with a lot of Harleys parked outside and Cher or Madonna music blasting from the inside.  That is the international sign of a fairy bar.  You may be asked to show ID at the door, so have it with you.  Even fairies have to follow the law.

    Once inside, walk up to the bar and ask for a Vodka Red Bull, a Long Island or even a Gin & Tonic.  Transformation complete, welcome to the world of fairies.

    Source(s): My best buddy is a fairy too.
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    As a hereditary witch that's family history goes back to at least 1500, there is no such thing as "a mystical fairy"  consequently there is not spell to made a person one of the nonexistent beings.

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    I'm not miserable, but I AM realistic and rational.  Fairies are pretend.  Myths.  Witches, fairies and magic spells don't really exist.

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