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How to regain confidence and interest as a RPG player?

I haven't played in a while but want to get back in to D&D but don't want to ruin it for other gamers.

So as far as the interest part. My experience with combat was have an encounter, roll initiative. Roll to hit and roll for damage, occasionally saying which target I was advancing to if i played a melee character. I talked to the DMs about this, that's just how they handle combat. They also didn't really use any skills or abilities during their campaigns regardless if it was combat or not.

As far as confidence, it got to the point every weekend that the party would get into an encounter and my character would die, this went on for months. DM said it was just luck of the dice. It got to the point I would attempt to flee combat if my character got down to 1/4 of their hit points when the DM asked for the damage I delivered. 

Over the many years, I've only played with the four different DMs. If I had a character lucky enough to live long enough, I would be the one player to have their character retired because I was able to build them to a point the DMs thought they were too powerful for their campaigns. This happened 4 or 5 times, with no compensation for having to retiring my characters. 

So on top of being bored with how combat is played, I was scared and expected that every fight I got into I was gonna die & have to reroll a new character, and it didn't matter how cautious or reckless I was. I stopped naming my characters  and quit after my last character was retired.

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    Sounds like you were playing with some dungeon masters who weren't a good fit for you. I know a lot of people who play D&D and other RPGs and they focus much more on story, character development, creativity and skill checks. Some DMs seem to focus more on the numbers and procedures than the creativity and/or they enjoy punishing the players. I've never enjoyed playing with DMs like that. 

    A lot of people play online nowadays. Have you looked at Or maybe check social media sites like Facebook, Meetup, Reddit or Discord to find gamers or "geek" clubs where you can meet people and talk about what you're looking for in a DM. 

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    I dont know what kind of DMs you're playing with that don't let you use abilities or ignore what you try to do. That's just not how you play the game. It sounds like either you've been playing a version I'm not familiar with or you're doing your best and the DMs are just ruining the experience for you by playing it wrong. You should find a group with DMs that play the game correctly, look on Craigslist or other finding activities sites. 

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