I'm able to buy a tidy Mini one convertible 1.6 ptrl 2007 for £1600. Is the price right to you as I hope to buy & maybe make a profit even!?


100k kilomtrs on clock manual petrol

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    There’s no profit margin at that price. 

    They sell for less than that at auctions. 

    The BMW Mini has never been a reliable model: that severely depresses prices on older examples. The convertibles get hit even more badly as by that age they typically need a lot of money spent on a new roof, and various cheap but exceptionally labour-intensive microswitches which help to control the sequencing of opening and closing the roof start to fail. The roof control module is very expensive and also has a nasty reputation for failing after ten years or so. At that age the bonnet and headlamps are often in need of attention due to stone chips and headlamp hazing.

    What you have got right is that the next couple of months are the cheapest time of year in the UK to buy any convertible and you get a few months to make any necessary repairs before selling at their highest point in mid-Spring, when hopefully warmer sunnier weather makes people want to buy convertibles. 

    Only the next few years are going to be financially really bad; that means even people with money to spare are going to be more likely to hold on to it “just in case”, and that everything becomes a buyers market and not a sellers market as far more people short of cash sell their stuff to make ends meet. Lots of supply + low demand = rock bottom prices.

    If that Mini already has a new roof, is in immaculate condition, doesn’t need new tyres, clutch or exhaust and has no signs of excessive wear or play in the steering and suspension then you *might* have a bargain. But it’s about to be 14 years old, and 14 year old Mini convertibles with petrol engines in that condition are exceptionally rare. You’d still want another £400 off to be fairly safe. 

    Just storing it until Spring costs money even if you own the storage space, as that car will occupy a space which could be used to sell other cars for profit multiple times between now and then.

  • 3 months ago

    there are similar for same money on ebay

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