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How do guys REALLY feel about having sex with a virgin?

I'm 19 and a virgin which when talking to most guys always comes as a big surprise because most girls my age have lost it.  All of my other girl- friends have lost their virginity and have always been suspicious/ don't believe me when I tell them  I haven't lost mine yet so I just don't feel comfortable asking them these questions. (thank the universe for yahoo lmao)

I'm not waiting for marriage I just really want to make sure my first time isn't with someone I will regret having it with. I want to make an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as I possibly can.

My main concern aside from that is bleeding when it happens. Maybe a TMI but nothing has been up there so I know there will be some tearing which will result in blood which may scare my partner. So in more depth, if you are a guy who has had sex with a virgin how was it? I know it varies but were you uncomfortable with the bleeding? Or just anything. If there was anything you would suggest to your partner before having sex what would it be? If you could go back in time when it all happened what would you do differently?

I know that when I lose it most likely it will be to a guy a lot older than me (late 20s- early 30s) because that's what I have always attracted/ been attracted to so I know he will be more experienced than I am which also kinda makes me nervous. 


Wow, didn't know people were going to be judgemental. I'm not obsessed over this I'm simply just asking a question.  If you are going to be rude or have an attitude don't even bother responding.

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    Don't know why you're so obsessed over this topic, some guys do care and others don't. Also if the guy is actually doing it RIGHT, then there should be no bleeding.

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    some don't bleed but I do it in a dark place so I don't see any blood. But it didn't taste good at all, except after the third or fourth time we did it.

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    2 months ago

    I can't believe that anyone cares about virgin/not virgin these days. I think you're fixated on this. As for bleeding. very few women have an intact hymen these days because of sports, tampons, etc. In any case you're overthinking it. Just make sure there's plenty of foreplay so you're ready for it. 

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