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What do you think about my friend, do you think she has feelings for me?

I don’t know if she has feelings for me or not. If you have an opinion share

We met few years ago. We spent lots of times together. During those times I caught her multiple times staring at me when I am not looking. She tried to find me when I am alone then she would hug me for a long time then avoid hugging around people. She laughed at my jokes and she tried to be funny. She gave me advice all the time and she was very protective over me. She asked me out one on one and I chickened out because she had a bf at that time and I knew that my feelings would show. I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable. She got super jealous when other women got close to me, she would comment about them or act like she is annoyed. She wanted me to trust her only. I had to leave for an year. When I contacted by email she replied and said she missed me a lot. I told her I will catch up with her by face time as soon as I can and that I am going through something at the this time. She did not reply. I have so much emotions for her I want to meet her and hug her again and I don’t know what to do about my feelings. What do you think about this and what do you think about her?? 

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    She does not have feelings for you she is just trying to steal your gardenhose fungelstraub Extract. I remember a woman told me she loves me and then she stole my kidney stones. 

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