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Any airport services?

Hi I will be traveling with my younger kids from Ohio to New York which would have a 10 hr layover then from New York to Morrocoo. Being that the plane from Ohio to New York isn’t connected to Morrocoo, our luggage’s won’t be with the plane so we’d have to carry around all 6 of our luggage’s. Do any of you know what we can do other than a hotel that’ll help me and my kids not have to wait at the airport for 10 hrs with our luggage’s? 

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    10 hour layover.. been there, done that.

    I'm assuming you want to save money. I don't blame you. I'm also assuming you will be on the public side of the terminal in between flights. Simply stay on the airport grounds. (You didn't mention when the layover would occur... during the day or night?) Overall, make sure your kids are have something to occupy them with either toys, books, or something to access the airport internet services.

    Foods and beverages.... see what is likely to be open. But bring some foods in checked baggage in case such places is closed. (Again, I don't know if your layover is during the day or at night.)


    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA officer (who used to do business trips for a previous employer.)
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    I assume you'll be flying out of JFK.  There is luggage storage available there.  There isn't much to do around JFK.  You could take a train into Manhattan, but that process takes about an hour or so, and there really isn't that much to get into in Manhattan right now because of COVID.  

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    First, the plural is luggage is luggage or pieces of luggage.

    Second, if this is all on one itinerary, your bags should be checked the whole way through.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There are some luggage storage places at JFK.  

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