Is it just me or have movies gone from the light hearted comedies and romantic comedies of the past (80's, 90's, and early to mid 2000's)..?

to darker more sinister themed ones of the 2010's and beyond?!


Fly G, exactly! I just KNEW something was up! Most movies these days are pretty violent and hardcore, if not overly sexual (no more boundaries!). Just recently I rented this movie called "Guest House" starring Pauly Shore (and some other actor and actress I wasn't familiar with) and that was the more tasteless, tactless God awful movie (in terms of morality and decency) I have seen in recent times! It was rated R for a reason (no wonder it asked me if I was 17 or older) but still! 

Update 2:

I didn't appreciate a lot of the scenes there where they actually showed actual sex acts! I failed to see the humor in that! How is that "funny"?! If I wanted to see porn, I'd rather have just ordered it online or get it for free somewhere online but to actually spend $1.90 for this DVD??! Fyuck no thanks! 

Update 3:

Also, I feel like people are attracted to drama and serious themes in more recent decades! 

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    You are correct! Just part of the one world gov't plan. Socialist / Communist regimes are threatened by religion, since it gives us an authority higher than they. So they indoctrinate us with darkness and temptation and sinful habits to make us reject God. See the Specter of Communism on Youtube. Trump Card is also very good. Life has always been best with necessary rules to keep us more pure and lighthearted. Everything falls apart as morality gets crushed and rules are abolished.

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