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Mercury square Uranus in synastry?

What does this mean? 

Mercury in Libra 

Uranus in Cap

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  • Janet
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    Mercury is how you think, communicate, form opinions.

    Uranus is how you try to become more of an individual (which can be rebelling, or just trying to impress others by being different, or genuinely seeking to discover your own uniqueness). Uranus always has the potential to be unpredictable, since it is not bound by conventions.

    SO .. when Person A's Mercury is square (stressful interaction) with B's Uranus, there will be unusual communications that can excite and/or upset each other.

    The Mercury person tends to see the other as being unreliable or just too weird.  The Uranus person tends to see the other as dull-minded and too convention in their opinions.  You can expect that there will be a lot of misunderstandings caused by jumping to conclusions, disagreements and impatience with each other.  

    Mercury being in Libra, they may try to agree with the Uranus person just to keep the peace, even though they don't actually agree .. and this can eventually wreck the trust between them.

    Communication is ranked as 18% of what makes a relationship work (vs. chemistry, which is only ranked as 11%).

    As for Uranus being in Capricorn, this is not significant to the individual, since Uranus takes about 7 years to move through a Sign, so the Sign that Uranus is in is more about a general age group than about the individual (however, its aspects to other planets and the House it is in IS specific to the individual).

    In general, the Mercury person will tend to have problems with anyone born with a year of the Uranus-in-Capricorn person .. that age in general.

    You also want to see how Mercury in that person's natal chart is aspected.  The better-aspected their Mercury is, the easier it is to work on the square with someone else's Uranus ... and the more Mercury is malaspected, the more trouble they will have when their Mercury aspects someone else's planets.

    Similarly, Uranus well-aspected in the natal chart can be constructively individualistic, but badly-aspected can be rebellious or arrogant (think of Donald Trump, whose Uranus is conjunct his Sun but both planets are opposite his Moon).  

    The synastry cannot promise a potential that is NOT shown in the two individual birthcharts, so you must always take the birthcharts into consideration ... especially the aspects, since the aspects indicate the TYPE of interaction. In your natal chart, the interaction between inner needs, and in synastry, the interaction between your needs and their needs.  With conjunctions being a very strong interaction, squares and oppositions being a strong but conflicting interaction, and sextiles and trines being a weak but harmonious interaction.

  • GibBas
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    2 months ago

    Could be a very stimulating type of relationship able to maybe bounce ideas of each other but as it is a square there may be misunderstandings of each other's intentions or just that sometimes one may think the other can be a bit barmy sometimes.

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