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I'm always there for her, but we can't be together cuz of her bf?

I know she doesn't actually like the guy that she's with. I saw her walk away from him, crying, the other day. She posts pics of him all the time but I think that's cuz he makes her do it.

I've known her since elementary school, we've been friends for years. She says I'm sweet when me and her and our friends have study group and she sits next to me sometimes. She smiles at me and I know she's rather be with me than the piece of garbage she's dating.

How do I get him out of the picture?

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    All couples have arguments and the girl ends up crying. That doesn't mean she doesn't love him. In fact, many women put up with horrible abuse because they think they LOOOOOOOOOVE the man. You're her friend- if she's the kind of girl who only feels attracted to guys who make her feel bad, then she's never going to be attracted to you. I'm sorry- but it works the other way, too. Many guys are attracted to the wrong kind of girl and overlook the nice ones. Move on and find someone who wants to be with you. 

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    You don't, you're a beta. You should just lick out the creampie.

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