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When Elijah ran from Jezebel in fear of his life, God sent an angel to him? What provision did the angel prepare for him and what was ?

miraculous about what the angel gave to ENCOURAGE Elijah?  What was the gift, how long did it last - what then was Elijah enabled with?  (1Kings 19:8)


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Thank you Gentile; there is so much to this chapter, I could ask a dozen or more questions.  We know that God was very aware of all that was happening here. I wanted to focus mainly on the angelic visit here.  As you shared so well, Elijah was mentally and physically exhausted; so much so that he just wanted God to end his life so as he by his figuring could be present with the Lord.. but God had different plans.  I believe as I consider all this that God being Spirit, knew that Elijah needed 

Update 3:

reassurance, comfort and yes physical touch to comfort those runaway fears he was experiencing, hence the angel of the Lord comes in, to offer and soothe Elijah who was a human in a very real physical way... so that Elijah could receive the Spiritual Might that would come soon after.  God was so merciful here to Elijah, taking care of his physical needs... then the spiritual needs to restore Elijah. What a loving gesture to feel the presence and abiding love of God through an angel who touches

Update 4:

him not once but twice.  And God lets him rest, until his strength is restored... under that Juniper tree if memory serves me right.  Since this initial study and series of questions I am asking is focused upon 'angelic ministries' I am guiding us towards understanding more concerning their mission.  I may ask more questions on all that God was completing through Elijah as well.  Thank you for the summary of the full story. One thing for certain that I've learned is God's graciousness in 

Update 5:

the tender love for us with giving us the provision of angels, who do the very will of God, beautifully... to help us believe, to uplift us in troubled times... given to strengthen us, and encourage us... I imagine Elijah had a great increase of faith through this encounter; as the Lord himself passed by and Elijah dawned the mantle.  Thanks for your encouragement and insights Gentile.  Much appreciated.

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    Elijah killed all the false prophets of Jezebel. an Jezebel said that she would kill Elijah for doing this. Elijah went a days journey into the wilderness to hide from Jezebel. Elijah prayed for death and told God that Jezebel kill all the prophets just about and that he was left alone he said i am no better then my Father. Elijah laid down and slept and the angel of the Lord woke him and told him to eat meat he brought and drink the water he brought he ate and drank and went back to sleep. the angel woke him again and feed him again and said eat for the journey is long.

    after that he started a forty days and night journey to Mt.Horeb the mountain of God he went into a cave and slept and God woke him and asked him why he was there and Elijah said i have be zealous for the Lord God of host and the isarealites have killed the prophets and tour down the altars and i alone am left and they seek my life.

    God told him to go back to the wilderness of Damacus and when you arrive anoint  Hazael king of Syria also anoint Jehu king over Israel and also you shall anoint Elisha as prophet in your place

    He said whoever escapes the sword of Hazael Jehu will kill and whoever escapes jehu's sword Elisha will kill. God also informed Elijah he had 7,000 men who had not bowed down to to Baal and every mouth that has not kissed him

    Elijah was given meat and water twice to last forty days and he was running to the mountain of God. God told him to go back and anoint two kings and Elisha was to replace Elijah as prophet and Elijah would be taken up to heaven he did not die as we do he was taken to heaven with God. thanks for the question.

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