Why people don’t accept/not invite/leave out  people with learning disabilities?

I have got learning disability, I was diagnosed with autism from when I was in year 6. I had friends who invite me to parties and go around their houses from age of 3-9 years old (I went 4 primary schools, 1 secondary/high school and 1 special needs school), I had people who had my back during the time and when I went to my 4th primary school things changed.

I was often being left out when the teacher ask us to get in pairs or partners and even sitting next to each other on the coach during school trips I was left alone. I did got bullied when I was in that 4th primary school and I was called a retard and spaz. 

After I arrived secondary/high school I was hoping to gain some good friendships, I did at the beginning but I had few friends (ones where in maths English eg and different houses) and in form I tried to get in groups, partners and pairs but I was left out.  In year 8 it was a worst year for me I was more often left out, when I started to hang around with these girls they invited all but not me, a lot of people around the school invited everyone in the year group part from

Me so I didn’t get invited to birthday parties. Birthday parties were in under 18s night clubs and I was left alone. In year 9 I didn’t get invited again by these girls I use to hang around with and i was forgotten. I did keep crying non stop, my mum said to me they are not your friends and I feel like what am I doing here.



I got left out again when I was in special needs school by girls but special needs school I use to go to there wasn’t enough girls in the school and they were mainly a lot of boys in the school.

College is the same only for first 2-3 months I was left out and forgotten.

I have open up my self but I do sometimes strutting.

Now in this present day I have got 5-6 friends, two of them getting close and I have message some of people who I was close with from my senior school 

Update 2:

But they read the message but don’t bother reply all, I have been trying to be strong and not get upset I need to try positive.

Even from other people who I message them they read it but not bother to reply at all. 

I don’t understand why people think it’s ok to leave any one with learning disabilities out.

Update 3:

People should always people with learning disabilities to get involved with friendships don’t matter who you are.

This is what upsets me the most.

Update 4:

At the end of the day I am human and we are all humans.

Update 5:

Also I like to be friends with ones who have/without learning disabilities and friends I have got most of them haven't got learning disabilities and a 3 of my friends has. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I too have learning disabilities and was left out a lot by someone I once considered my best friend. if those people aren't replying just stop trying to message them. I know it sounds hard but you gotta do it. I think you should try to find new friends that share the same interests as you and ones that have disabilities so that you can relate and share ideas and stuff like that. I definitely know how you're feeling so just keep your head high and things will get better!

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