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Do babies always sleep easily?

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  • 2 months ago

    NO! Not at all. With my daughter, it was a real struggle to get her to sleep for several months. Her father had this way of holding her crosswise and jiggling gently that lulled her to sleep. Unfortunately, he worked my nights. I found that taking her outside for some reason had a lulling effect, and i would sing to her. After she fell asleep, I would very carefully go inside and lay her down in her crib. But it was really struggle every night! It got better around 6 months. Some kids fall asleep wherever they are. Mine never did. They never slept in their strollers; they never slept in the car. They had to be in their cribs, with the mobile and the music. Babies are all different. 

  • 2 months ago

    If the birth goes without complications and the child looks healthy... The first few weeks both mother and child should get as much sleep as possible... they both went through a great deal of trauma...  at the same time when your child is awake you want to handle her or him to get him use to his senses of touch..  rub their feet and the palms of their hands daily and often...  Let them run in the grass and ground themselves as soon as they can walk.... Important...  plenty of clean water besides their formula

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