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I recently bought a car. I recently found out my engine oil is leaking and also engine oil is in brake fluid reservoir. What should I do?

I purchased it 3 months ago certified from the Chrysler dealership. I don't think it has any warranty as it's a 2014 model...


But Bill, if the dealership knew there was engine oil in the brake fluid. Don't you think that would be an issue when they certified it? That could cause brake failure, couldn't it? And 1.8L of engine oil lost after 3 months? I just bought the thing!

Update 2:

Brought it to dealer... Still not sure if engine oil is in the brake fluid. But the car has no warranty but they found leaks from engine oil filter housing and front axl is leaking. 10 hour job and they are covering the entire cost, parts and labour... Still unsure about the oil in the brake fluid though...

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    If there is oil in the brake fluid reservoir you should flush the brake lines immediately. Be prepared though, as oil can gum up brake lines and you may end up having to replace them along with the master cylinder for the brakes. The oil leak all depends on where it is coming from as to how easy or difficult it will be to fix. If it is leaking from the valve cover gasket then you probably just need a new gasket. If it is leaking from the rear main seal of the engine, you're going to spend a pretty penny getting that repaired.

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    If it is a certified car it has a warranty of 7 years 100,000 miles and possibly more. Contact the selling dealer. 

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    Is the oil leaking out, onto the ground, where you can see it, or is it just disappearing? 

    How many miles (or km) has the car been driven in that time? 

    How do you figure engine oil is in the master cylinder?  It obviously doesn't belong there.  Get it flushed out. 

    If you feel that you've been abused, then talk with the manager of the dealership. If he won't do anything, and you still feel that they've committed some kind of fraud then contact your State Attorney General in the capital city of your state. The state attorney general has a consumer protection division for things like this. 

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    Certification used cars have good warrantys. Usually years. That makes this question a figment of one's imagination. 

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    I would never know by looking at it if it was engine oil or brake fluid. 

    (I have worked on cars for 45+ years) 

    . so it amazes me that you could tell the difference.  What MAY have happened is that the brake fluid was extremely low so(not having any BF, they put in engine oil as a temporary measure(mainly because everybody already MT'd their bladder behind a tree. So no other fluid was available.  BF is a type of lubricant, I use it when I am drilling heavy steel and oil is not nearby.. So a complete drain of the system is required and put in about a gallon of BF. and chuck away the stuff that you used to flush out all the wheels.  That will be good enough.

    2L of oil gone after 3 months? How much driving did you do?  THEN you know your car burns oil.  Pop the hood each morning when the car is parked on level ground the night before AND CHECK THE OIL LEVEL.  Keep the oil between the 2 marks and you can drive for months that way.

    . The commercial truck drivers check their oil each morning before they start up those big transport trucks because diesels burn oil.  They carry extra oil with them and put it in when it is needed.  Better than blowing up an engine. in the middle of a run.  They also eyeball the coolant level and the hoses and belt conditions. If everything is decent then they know they got a reliable truck TODAY.  They do these checks everyday.  It is their responsibility.  Might as well walk around the vehicle and eyeball the tires to be sure they look inflated about the same.  They bang on the tires to listen for a flat as they got 18 wheels.

    Certified?  Yes it was certified USED.  What else do you want to know?

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    The only way engine oil can get in the brake system is for someone to pour it in there. That is an obvious defect and the certification process should have found it. Read your warranty. Oil leaks are very hard to ignore as well. You might need legal help with that dealer.

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    There is typically a limited warranty offered by dealerships that sell used cars.  You best take your leaky car back to the dealer (at least call the dealer) and check that out.  These are typically short-term warranties; so best do it ASAP.

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    2 months ago

    Flush the brake fluid by bleeding it profusely at all 4 wheels (one at a time).  Find the source of the oil leak and repair it or get it repaired.    

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