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 What do I do tonight if my uncle breathe on me as a joke because I’m wearing a mask and scared of coronavirus?

He believes it’s media hype and the Democrats way of overthrowing Trump. He says it’s no different than the common cold and that the death toll is greatly exaggerated and probably only several hundred.  

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    Ask him to get in touch with people who have lost loved ones and lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic. It is worldwide! Does he think that there is no life in Canada or France or India or Nigeria?! He is clearly very blinkered. 

    You wear a mask to protect other people. He comes across as being very selfish from what you have written here.

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    You leave. You avoid him while you're there. Or don't go in the first place.He's crazy to do that. He might be one of those who comes down with it, himself, good luck to HIM !

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    You give him your knee in his man berries, and do it hard enough to drop him on the floor. Then rant and rave at the fool.

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