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Should i let my daughter bleach her hair?

Shes 12 years old and while i dont mind mu husband is being defiant and stubborn. He does not want her coloring her hair until 16. Should i just go ahead and do it anyway? My daughter will not stop begging me

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    How to bring up the kids is one of the big issues in any marriage.  There isn't a right on wrong answer, but I think it's important that you and your husband come to an agreement, either bleach now, bleach at 16, or some compromise or understanding.  One possibility if you have a son, is that he gets final say on the boy things (with your input), and that you get final choice on girl things (with his input).

    If you just go ahead and do it anyway, that undermines trust.  Once trust is gone, the relationship is on a downhill slide.  Also, your daughter is watching how you resolve things.  If she learns that she should just go ahead with what she wants regardless of her partner's opinion, she's in for some very volatile and shallow relationships.

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    Experiment with temporary colour first, then see the reactions, if she likes it , then go ahead. The colour of a child's hair is irrelevant compared to other much more important parenting issues. Children whose parents don't allow them to experiment with small aspects of their body, are at a higher risk of doing much more drastic and serious things, later in life. Hope this helps :)

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Shave her head. Bleaching will make her hair fall out 

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    young girls who dye their hair look like slutts and she will attract sex mad guys. Your husband is right, wait till 16.

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  • Jerry
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    2 months ago

    How about a compromise like a few blonde highlights but not a full monty "go blond" change of coloring? 

    Daddy considerations aside, if you go full monty then you have to touch up the dark roots every few weeks or it's stupid looking. But if you just highlight, you never need to do touch ups. 

    Allowing a touch up to the highlights every 3 months or can be a reward for good behavior, but it's not going to look bad if the highlights don't get touched up. 

  • I started coloring my hair when I was her age (I didn't bleach my hair until a few years ago), but with temporary dyes that wash out. When I was older I experimented more with permanent dyes and fashion colors. 

    If you damage her hair it will take a while to grow back, if you have to cut it. If she's got naturally brown hair, it will take a few times to bleach it to blond. If you're not confident with bleaching her hair, then take her to a professional and see if they will do it. 

    Make sure this is what she wants, it can be tricky to dye her hair back if she doesn't like it, specially if her hair is a dark color. You will have to deal with your husband if he gets upset. 

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    That's A wonderful idea.  Just ignore your partners wishes and go behind his back.  No.

  • Barry
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    2 months ago

    Why doesn't everyone compromise and go for blonde highlights? Your husband has an equal say in your daughter's upbringing so it would be taking a chance to go for the full job. Married life is a compromise unless you want confrontation.

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    You gave birth, when through pain, weight gain, having her. Do what you think is right, her hair her choice and as long as you support her go for it! Just make sure she is 110% positive that is what she wants! Because if you listen to him, he is getting his own way, if you do what your daughter wants, she gets her way plus you are okay with it that is 2 against 1. If he can't except hair coloring he has problems, she is old enough to know what she wants about this kinda stuff. I started bleaching my hair around 11 and is is still thick, shiny and healthy, bleach blonde I am now 23! It isn't like your ignoring or going behind your husbands back, you are simply supporting your daughter in what she wants, she is only young once, men don't need to be so bossy, and I need to get my own way on EVERYTHING, while the woman and kids have zero say! It should be equal, but you see there is a 3 person involved (your daughter), so what I would do is tell him hey, me and her both talked, and if she doesn't like it, we can color it back! 

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