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Is not normal to have symptoms after UTI ladies? 10 points ?

Hi, i recently only a month ago had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend , i noticed 2-3 days later i started feeling like a cystitis. i went to the doctor and it ended up being a urine infection, i was so worried so i also decided to get tested for STIs which im still waiting for. I was on antibiotics and i was still having this burning when i wee- pain in my lower near vagina and when i go a bit of wee comes out etc. i have no discharge or anything else. Doctor mentioned it could be thrush but not sure. Other doctor said it could be inflammation after infection, Does it ever go away?? my wee is all clear , no smell, no nothing , i just feel sore down there 


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    It is so common for this to happen! I have a friend who gets UTIs at least twice a month from intercourse. You should try cystopurin (not sure what country you are from) they work! Also drink lots of water. Also is it sore when you pee or just sore in general? 

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