anyone else glad that Brexit will crush Britain once and for all?

As a Chinese communist party member, our long term goal is to increase the power of our sovereign state relative to other nations.

Brexit will be an economic catastrophe for the UK, even more then then the covid 19 lockdown was.

thank god the British people vote for Boris Johnson as he hastily wants a no trade Brexit deal with the EU.

this will only work in the benefit of our goals to weaken the position of European countries in favor of countries like china.

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    2 months ago
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    I suspect you did not vote in the referendum.  Because you were too young to be entrusted with a vote, (or an alcoholic drink, or control over your genitals).

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    China is over. East Asian economies move towards stability, in China this is 600 year cycle. China is moving to close itself up again, put all the power in the ruling class, and slowly sink into a point over the next 500 years, where the people will suffer. 

    Europe and the US might look like chaos, but that chaos is change and development. Europe will grow stronger through the chaos of Brexit, while China, suppressing the people and their freedoms will grow weaker. 

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