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Special after all? Will this knowledge change humanity's behavior, make us better stewards of... what have you?

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    No, it won't.........we already believed that........whether true or not........and we still trash this planet mercilessly. 

    Even if we believed there was life out there, or other inhabitable planets.......we have zero  way of getting there. -----and we know that, and still we trash the crap out of the only planet we have.  They say by 2050......there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 

    I've been to beaches that were just strewn with garbage....... washed up from the ocean.   You clean it all up, and the next hide tide just deposits another load. 

    It's pathetic. 

    Looking for other planets to inhabit  is just silly, when we can't even take care of this one. 

    Lunar exploration has already left PILES of discarded junk up there. 

    and colonization of Mars  would require  shooting tons of crap of there,  to get established. 

    The first business on Mars would be Space Junk Yard for discarded space vehicles and one way delivery systems. 

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