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I get insecure when I see prettier girls than me. How do I fix the issue?

My boyfriend has blue eyes and the rest of his family have blue eyes and they're so gorgeous. He has 2 younger sisters and even though one of them is obese, I still think she looks better than me. I'm obese as well but shes bigger than I am. I did not look this ugly and fat 4 years ago. I went through trauma and I lost my only family left, which is my mom. I have no family now but I've became family to my bfs family. They're really sweet and have accepted me in every way. I use to have a slim body just 4 years ago. I went from being 140lbs, I went all the way up to 210lbs in only 4 years. I use to have nice cheekbones and even though my eyes are boring brown, my face looked way better. Meat has taken over my body and face and now I notice that my under neck is getting bigger. I'm still stressed and I eat when I want to forget my problems. Even my bf thinks I need to lose weight. His friends all have gorgeous blue eyed girlfriends and I'm here looking like a potato. I do not want to go on dates with my bf while his friends and his friends girlfriends are around. I'll end up overthinking the entire time and it will put me in more stress. I want to lose weight so bad but I always find myself eating myself away again. How do I stop myself? How do I get over my stupid problems and live a normal life again? 

I'm only 24 by the way. My bf is 30.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. Grief is a really common reason for weight gain. You've been through trauma so go easy on yourself.

    You didn't gain it overnight and you won't lose it overnight. The journey will be long, there'll be setbacks, ups and downs, and you'll probably have to start over many times. The best advice I can give is to find the support of a group. I tried to go it alone many times too and only got so far before I gave up. The support of a group changed my mindset and relationship with food, as well as giving me the encouragement to keep going.

    If you want it that badly, you CAN do it.

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    Sounds like you'd feel better about everything if you set some realistic health goals and worked toward them. You can't fault others for being more attractive than you when you readily admit that you've let yourself go. But it's not like your boyfriend is impressed with his sisters' beautiful eyes. So at least you don't have to be jealous in that way. 

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