Moved out of home state. Is it normal to get “home sick”?

My family and i moved out of Long island, NY a few months ago. To Sunny Florida. NY was getting too expensive for us and not worth the cost. We love Florida, the weather, the cost of living, and a happier atmosphere.

But i miss Nassau County, Long island. Lived there my entire life. I dont miss friends cause they became druggies. I dont even miss my house. 

I just miss the everyday surroundings i had. I miss the old bars, malls/supermarkets i went to. I miss the old jobs i had. I miss my old gym. I miss the changing 4 seasons. I miss Jones beach (although it doesnt match the beaches here/although its only open for 3 months of the year). I moss the train rodes to NYC (although expensive). I just miss all the neighborhoods and everything nearby my old house.

I often wonder if we could have stayed. But there was no way, with those high property taxes. It was a major struggle. Not to mention the recent crime rate and lockdowns in the state driving everyone crazy. Its alot easier down here. And alot of fun. Its hard to make friends with this covid era and mask wearing.

But boy, i have an empty feeling in me.

This normal? Will it go away?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    no that's totally not normal at all. think you should see a counselor. i don't think anyone has ever felt like that after moving. ever. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Utterly, boringly, predictably normal and absolutely typical. Does that help? Was that your only question?

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