Why do guys always call White women "basic, plain, etc." yet then they go date a White woman?

If White women are so plain and basic, why do they go date them and super nice to them? That's so annoying. They are all talk and no action. 

I would never date a man who I found basic. 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Because they are hypocrites. White women aren’t ugly so they end up just falling for them anyway. But it’s mostly black men who said that. That’s why it’s best for white women to stay away from them because they act nice to a white womens face but talk smack behind their back. Also ashamed to be seen with her in the streets but not in the bedroom 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Blonde is thee most popular and wide spread hair dye color ever;

    White girls are the ones who look better with blonde hair;

    Therefore a bunch of white girls begin dyeing their hair blonde and the naturally blonde enjoyed having it naturally;

    Guys begin seeing blonde girls everywhere. Most of them were white and a lot of them were just young people looking for fun;

    Guys had fun with them, if u know what i mean;

    Like any human being ever, guys begin to generalize things! They went "oh a lot of these bïtches are blonde so.. i guess all blonde bïtches are just dumb hoes, amirite!?";

    Guys usually look down upon girls that just want fun but, at the same time, they love to have fun with them;

    Long story short. Since in their mind all blondes were basic bïtches and all blonde bïtches were white.. they generalized everything and begin believing that all white girls are blonde basic bïtches that listen to Taylor Swift while drinking red wine.. 

    The end.

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