Why does my hairstylist love dad say I shiver or a chill is a bird dog?

I never wanted to be rude and ask like I didn't know but it was always weird to me when I got a chill as he was cutting the back of my hair and he would say another bird-dog I see? And I'm like okay what does that mean I asked my dad and he was like i have never heard of a chill or shiver called that. That  is not what bird dogging means to me. does anybody know why someone would call a shiver a bird dog?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    I would have asked him! Possibly alluding to the matted/tangled fur that can occur on a spaniel's ears? Possibly urban slang with 'bird dog' as a verb meaning "to closely watch someone or something"?   Having a haircut sometimes makes people feel weak too. Look up "Grooming syncope'.

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