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What do feminists think about Hanna Rosin and her book End of Men?

My opinion:

Yes, it is true college educated population has been majority female for decades . That’s not a news. Women have slightly more personal wealth than men today because families divide the wealth equally among their children these days ... unlike the old days when women who got married generally didn’t inherit their father’s wealth. 


Colleges are majority female because women benefit from affirmative action and other programs even today when men don’t.  Does women having the same wealth as men tell anything about whether the wealth was inherited or created?

Update 2:

Yeah, Bill, it is also funny that the same college educated women now want the government to cancel their student debt. That indicates they are not earning enough money to repay their debt lol

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    "What do feminists think about Hanna Rosin and her book End of Men?"

    I'm sure they agree with it.  Ater all, it is feminism, and does promote the women=good : men=bad narrative.  In a nutshell, Back to earth though, Hanna Rosin's "end of  men" looks at working class society ... not the corporate or elite class ... and extrapolates that when women passed men in by numbers, working wage-slave jobs during the 2008 "mancession", that it somehow meant "the end of men". 

    There is so much wrong with her simpleton idea.  First off, that "mancession" corrected itself shortly thereafter, within a few years.  And even during the time where more women were working than men, they still weren't outearning men as a group.  Now,  most recently, we are living in a "shecession" with the rise of the pandemic eliminating far more female jobs.  Has she declared the "end of women" yet?

    There are a few more parameters to her argument, but they all seem to follow the same pattern of her simpleton, subjective logic.  Suffice it to say, Hanna follows feminism to the tee.  Most notably is the faulty concept that humanity has lived under GENDER rule when the reality to this very day is that we live under CLASS rule.  So there will be no "end of men", until someone takes out the corporate ruling class.  At least the original beatnik and hippie rebels from the 1960's new who "the man" was when they used to say they were "sticking it to the man".  They meant the Establishment at that time.  Feminsts must have literally thought they meant -the- -man- ... as in "men".


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    Feminists who would actively cheer for the destruction of humanity, as it takes men to create children, probably shouldn't be in charge of anything. 

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    She wrote that book during the peak of the 2008 recession. Everyone was panicking at the time. The morale was low. A lot of points she made were carefully cherry picked to suit her narrative. I am not sure if those points are still true. I have watched some of her videos. She is sexist and unpleasant.

    Source(s): I don’t identify as a feminist
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