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Why do people think hermit crabs don’t need deep substrate and extra shells? ?

Last year, I gave my hermit crabs to my brother because I was moving to a condo where they don’t allow pets. I sent him some information from the Hermit Crab Association beforehand to help him get started. He stayed up all night researching but he said his takeaway from all that was that they were easy to care for. I even tried to show him after I gave them to him that there was more to it, but he was not interested and gave me hints not to start talking about proper care. I’d sent him home with a twenty gallon tank with most of the sand taken out beforehand to make it easier for my mom and I to carry down the stairs from my apartment. Eventually, he got rid of the crabs because they were “stinking” too bad. 

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  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    tell you the truth, never entered my mind what they need ................

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