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Ladies,what's it like getting hair laser removal on your legs?

I'm a twenty-eight year old woman who's looking to get hair removal on the entire legs so I won't waste my time shaving my legs. I'm Caucasian and I have dark hair on my legs. Is it worth it? Or am I better off keeping the leg hair? 

I never had a laser treatment done on me before obviously. Since I've heard getting a laser treatment for the legs is expensive, I'm thinking of getting my face done for my lips and chin so I wouldn't spend money on waxing.

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    Use nair hair removal for legs, I use it, it has aloe in it to help soothe and moisturize your skin.

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    First, you need at least 3 or more treatments several weeks apart to get results, then you usually need touch ups as not all hair is affected. It is only in the growing phase and only about 1/3 of hair is in that phase at any one time.  Second, the degree of coloration in the bulb of the hair will determine overall success.  Lastly, yes it is somewhat painful, how much will depend on you. I advise not a full leg unless your thigh hair is really noticeable. Most do knees & down.

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    your experience will be totally different from some other person on here

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