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Why is Springfield such a common town name ?

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    actually "Springfield Township" is even more popular ( 36 in the USA).


    Here is a list of all the US Springfields.

    United States

    Springfield, Alabama, unincorporated community

    Springfield, Arkansas

    Springfield, California

    Springfield, Colorado

    Springfield, Florida, a city in Bay County

    Springfield (Jacksonville), Florida, a neighborhood

    Springfield, Georgia

    Springfield, Idaho

    Springfield, Illinois, the state capital of Illinois

    Springfield metropolitan area, Illinois

    Springfield, LaPorte County, Indiana

    Springfield, Posey County, Indiana

    Springfield, Kentucky

    Springfield, Louisiana

    Springfield, Maine

    Springfield, Massachusetts, the first Springfield settled in America

    Springfield metropolitan area, Massachusetts, the most populous Metropolitan Springfield Area

    Springfield, Michigan, a city in Calhoun County

    Springfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan

    Springfield, Minnesota, in Brown County

    Springfield, Missouri, the most populous city named Springfield in the United States

    Springfield metropolitan area, Missouri

    Springfield, Nebraska

    Springfield, New Hampshire

    Springfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey (referred to as "Springfield")

    Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey (referred to as "Springfield")

    Springfield/Belmont, Newark, New Jersey, a neighborhood of Newark

    Springfield, New York

    Springfield, Ohio

    Springfield, Oregon

    Springfield Township, Pennsylvania (disambiguation)

    Springfield, South Carolina

    Springfield, South Dakota

    Springfield, Tennessee

    Springfield, Texas, Jim Wells County

    Springfield, former town and county seat of Limestone County, Texas, now part of Fort Parker State Park

    Springfield, Vermont

    Springfield (CDP), Vermont

    Springfield, Virginia

    Springfield, Albemarle County, Virginia

    Springfield (Coatesville, Virginia), a historic home

    Springfield, Page County, Virginia

    Springfield, Westmoreland County, Virginia

    Springfield, West Virginia

    Springfield, Dane County, Wisconsin, a town

    Springfield Corners, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

    Springfield, Jackson County, Wisconsin, a town

    Springfield, Marquette County, Wisconsin, a town

    Springfield, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, a town

    Springfield, Walworth County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

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    Historically, the first American place named Springfield was Springfield, Massachusetts, founded in 1636 by William Pynchon. An early American colonist, Pynchon named Springfield after his hometown in England, Springfield, Essex. Springfield, Massachusetts, became nationally important in 1777, when George Washington founded the United States' National Armory at Springfield. During the 19th century, Springfield became one of the world's leading centers of the Industrial Revolution, pioneering advances in interchangeable parts. Springfield, Illinois and Springfield, Missouri, among other American cities and towns named Springfield, were named after Springfield, Massachusetts.

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    there are 33 Springfields in the US, but that is #7, #1 is Washington.

    why? perhaps an allusion to fields in the spring.

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