Trouble letting go of items ?

I rent an apartment and can't really drill holes in the wall to put up shelves in my bedroom to solve my current storage issue. I have outgrown the space in my bedroom, but I can't let go of my items. They are my childhood and my entire academic career (Primary School, High School, College). I've been out of college 7 years this year and the others way longer. How do I part with my notes, my tests, quizzess, projects, childhood toys? To me all of them hold sentimental value in some way, and the thought of throwing them out saddens me? How do I get solve this? 

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  • Rita
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    If you're feeling nervous about letting go of some particular items, don't be afraid to do a test run. Put the items in a box or bag and stick them in the basement or other spot that's out of the way. Set a reminder on your phone for a month from now, and if you haven't missed them at all, send them on their way!

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Rent a?storage room. I've been renting one storage room for 27 years and a big strategic 24 years.  

  • 2 months ago

    You're a hoarder if you cannot let go of your childhood crap. You don't need it any more! Either clean house, or you're going to have to go for psychiatric help. ONLY hang on to things you actually NEED NOW - course texts you need to review periodically for your job, or significant awards. You need your diploma, transcript, significant awards from college.

  • drip
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    2 months ago

    Buy a book shelf unit.

    Primary school and high school papers?? I can understand maybe a saving a great paper you wrote. 

    Take photos of all of it. Store it all in flash drives. 

    Then burn it all in a bonfire.

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  • 2 months ago

    I must admit I'm not emotionally attached to every quiz I ever took in my life (I'd need to rent a warehouse!). 

    I have one file folder filled with papers I wrote in high school, college and law school that I was especially proud of, or I thought might be useful for me in the future as a writing sample (for the law school papers at least). I also keep a hard copy of my transcripts, SAT and GRE scores, etc. in there.

    Can you go through your stuff, weed out those that no longer have any meaning for you, and hang on to just the special ones? 

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