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Why are there so many left handed batters in baseball and so few in PGA golf ?

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    Same reason the NBA has more players over 6'10" than the NFL, PGA or MLB.

    Like height in the NBA and overall size in the NFL, being left-handed in Baseball is seen as an advantage within the context of the sport.  

    For a variety of reasons, hitters tend to have a higher probability of success when facing a pitcher who throws with the opposite hand.  With the majority of the pitchers being right handed, teams want a balanced line up of left and right handed hitters.  Conversely, teams will select left-handed pitchers specifically to provide competitive balance with the opposing teams' best lefties.

    Left handedness simply offers no advantage in golf, so the number of lefties on the tour (about 8%-9%) is consistent with the population as a whole (about 10%).   

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