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Household Appliances 1900-1930s in Germany?

What appliances were available to the average to the average household of people living in cities? 

Did they have: sewing machines, washing machines, irons, dishwashers, hairdryers, toasters, kettles, vacuum cleaners, water heaters, dryers, telephone etc

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    I would imagine like most of Western Europe, treadle sewing machines, powered by foot. Your washing machine would have been a tin bath with soap that you shaved from a block, then mixed with a posser, a long wooden pole with legs on that you manually mixed the clothes with. Then a mangle to squeeze the water out, two rollers close together made of rubber coated metal, and then hang it out to dry. Your iron would have been heated in the range, just an iron shaped piece of metal that you had to hold in a cloth so as not to burn your hand on, heated by coal not electricity. Your kettle was also heated on the range. Your dishwasher was your hands. I know this because that's what my mum used and she was born in the twenties.

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    At least some people had most of these things although they were not like the same thing today. For instance when I lived in Germany in the early 60's for hot water we had to build a coal fire in the bottom of the water heater to get hot water. In your time period irons were not steam irons and had to be heated on a store or in a fire. Sewing machines were fairly common but they were foot powered not electric. Of course the richer a family was the more of these things they would have.

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