Do you like to watch WWE 2020?

1. Why?

2. Who is your most favourite wrestler? Why?

3. Who is your most unfavourable wrestler? Why?

4. What is your opinion of WWE 2020?

5. What is your suggestions about WWE 2020?

6. Do you do wrestling just like WWE 2020?

7. Do you wish to join WWE 2020? Why?

8. What's the best WWE 2020 match you ever watch? Why?

9. What's the worst WWE 2020 match you ever watch? Why?

10. What if male and female wrestlers do matching in WWE 2020 or 2021? Why?

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  • Adam
    Lv 7
    2 months ago
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    1. I do but not as much as I used to. Simply put the stories are not as entertaining

    2. AJ, why? He entertains me the most both in and out of ring

    3. Langley, because he's boring to me

    4. Could be better with less convoluted storylines

    5. Get back to simple story telling and stop micromanaging the wrestlers.

    6. I watch others occasionally, aew and impact can be entertaining at times

    7. No I don't, I couldnt handle being a wrestler

    8. Best wwe match I've ever seen is a toss up between taker and hbk at bad blood and Bret and Austin at mania 13. They had everything, great athleticism, superb well told story and everything made sense

    9. Worst match was the kennel from hell at unforgiven 99, watch it and realise why

    10. I don't understand the question

  • 1 month ago


    Not really...

    1. Boring... But sometimes it fun... Depends on mood... Lol

    2. Hhmmm... Drew McIntyre, Firefly Funhouse and... The Rock!

    3. The Fiend, Roman Reign and The Caterpillar... Too much! So arrogant! So evil!

    4. A little different then WWF... I like WWF more than WWE Smackdown...

    5. WWE wrestlers need to respect the rules... 4 vs 4... What is it? Wrestlers or Gangsters?

    6. No! I prefer the WWF or before WWF...

    7. No! I don't like how their do wrestling properly... I don't want to be gangsters who fight for dignity in the ring... Pathetic!

    8. None! They aren't respect the rules of wrestling world as supposed... They just "fight" not actually doing wrestling... Boring! I wonder why many "love" it... Lol

    9. WWE Smackdown... All of it! As I said, they don't respect much of the rules... Using chair... Using table... Using weapon... To "win"... Pathetic!

    10. Its OK since WWE Smackdown is suck! And its fine to be suck!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I like Brock Lesnar. I am 5'8" at 103 lbs. All the wrestler can kick me to China.

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