I'm gay and have trouble explaining my situation as a student to Latino men, but am very attracted to them. How to fix, see ex.?

Also I offered this guy free tutoring as I need the experience and he still doesn't seem to understand that students sometimes don't work.

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    2 months ago
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    Touch your bottom lip and say, Chupa to verga? "

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    2 months ago

    I just don’t have a good grasp for what your situations is. If latin guys are who you are attracted to there are plenty to be found. Go to latino night at any gay bar. Or cruise a bath house. Or just set your profiles for latino guys. 

    Now if you are trying to get tutoring hours - just have a more fear of loss attitude. In other words - I have something - you want it - fine - but if you don’t take it someone else will and have that be that. Don’t chase them. Don’t beg. Keep your poker face on. Be confident in your self.

    Dating and tutoring should be two completely separate topics. No wonder the guys are not signing up with you. Don’t hit on your clients. Maybe just tutor females if you cannot control your self. 

    Or is it that they all know you are gay already? If so don’t cave in so easily. Just advertise your tutoring only. Don’t even bring up that you are gay.

    Probably a good idea not to advertise your lessons to people you’ve already hit on before.

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    2 months ago

    Did he ask you about your job, or about your dating objective...or even about your dating preference?  All we can see here is him asking you what you study.  It appears that you went nutzo and started blurting out boyfriend stuff and fending off attempts at normal friendly communication before they even started.

    Perhaps your example needs a little more context.  We can't see any evidence of him being surprised by you not having a job.  (It wouldn't be shocking for him to expect every guy to have a job.  In lots of immigrant families, kids grow up thinking every male older than 14 works.)

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