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Why did RUSSIA added financial literacy subject in school? What grade did it start to teach this subject? Why is it important?

Can someone explain this to me in a paragraph? In my country, we dont have this subject in school so im just curious. Some days, they start teaching this as early as 1st grade but I dont have enough source. Can someone enlighten me?

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    Was this your assigned topic? What country are you in? In the US, the federal government does not determine the curriculum. The standards are determined by the state government, and then individual schools can decide what courses to offer. My daughter had a high school class in financial management a couple of years ago, so if you're in the US, it's not true that no schools offer it. If your school doesn't, your parents need to contact the principal and the school board. It may be that in Russia, everything is centralized and all schools do the same thing- I don't know. 

    There's not much point in teaching financial management to elementary school students- they don't have any money to manage. I know of math classes where the teacher has the students invest an imaginary amount of money in the stock market and than track what happens to the stock. They talk about this in the context of figuring percentages. A financial management course in high school should deal with credit cards and how to manage them, bank accounts, retirement planning, and various kinds of investments. 

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    Because kids might need it 

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