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Best shampoo/conditioner for thick greasy hair? ?

Not sure if it's water change as moved area but my hair is constantly greasy. I'm using natural hemp shampoo atm and wash twice a week but my hair is limp and greasy but thick. Any product advice (UK). 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's the hemp shampoo. Hemp adds grease. If you have dry porous coarse hair it fills on the holes and adds moisture. If your hair is not dry and coarse it makes hair oily. If your hair is already oily it will clog your hair up with grease. You need something to remove the oil, not add to it. Also oily hair needs frequently washing. The oil isn't helping your hair or scalp and can lead to skin problems such as dandruff, dermatitis, seborrhea, and more. 

    Wash oily hair frequently whenever you start to see the oil. Use a deep cleaning shampoo to break up the oil. Also use hot water. You don't need to scald yourself, just water as hot as you can stand. Head and Shoulders makes a good shampoo for oily hair. Look around at the drug store for oily hair products to get the problem under control. You don't want the oil to give you out of control dandruff or some other infection. If your hair is longer use a good oil free conditioner after washing. Head and shoulders makes a conditioner that adds shine but not grease. Conditioners that use the words weightless are usually grease and oil free.

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