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what are some words that are synonymous to 'god' in English?

so, god, diety, and idol all mean the same thing, a god is the title for a diety which people idol... what other synonyms are there for 'god' in English?


@ anonymous - thanks for the spell check. idolize** is what i meant..

@Land-Shark - that was my first thought, but 'Jehova' and 'Yahweh' are names. god idol and diety are titles, and im looking for other English synonyms to those non-proper nouns. Supreme being is an awesome example!! 

Update 2:

@RP none of thoise work. they are allk descriptive words of a god. i am looking for other words FOR god.

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  • RP
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    2 months ago

    There are a multitude including words like divinity, creator, maker, almighty, etc.

  • 2 months ago

    Jehova. Yahweh. Supreme Being. The Creator.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    "dEity" -- God has nothing to do with "dieting" -- and people don't "idol."  "Idol" is a noun.

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