How to describe a black person without saying black? How do you call black people?

I'm asking how to call a black person. 

Some prefer to be called black and will take offense to any other names called. Some prefer to be called African American and will take offense to any other names called. Some prefer to not be called neither and just American and will take offense to any other names called

Do you get what I am saying? Your chance of offending someone by calling them black or African American is like 50/50. I would rather not take that chance. 

The sensitivity is kind of high here. 

From some stuff I have read is that it is safer to say "person of color" right? 


?, dude sometimes you can't just know everyone's name... 

Update 2:

Thank you Libby. Basically, I am also a person of color and we are very sensitive. I am now going to combine all people of color and refer to everyone (minorities) as people of color and not by race. 

Update 3:

David, I need my safe space. 

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    In America we say either "black" or "African-American." im not aware of black people in other countries being referred to as African-French or African-Argentinian, for example. Although I guess it's possible. I thought "black" was fine. Never known anyone to be offended by it. I have heard black Americans say they don't like having African placed before American because they've been here for generations and thusly don't feel like African applies. I suppose it depends on the situation in which you're having to describe someone's skin color. Like, who are you talking to that you have to describe someone's skin color? Maybe you're saying it offensively. I don't know. Lol

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    2 months ago

    I swear referring to someone as black, African American or person of colour is literally the same thing just different ways of labeling them. Why are you so sensitive ? More like a lunatic if you get angry for this stuff. People of colour need a grip of reality, you really feel like you deserve special treatment huh ? You deserve nothing at all. Face it, your black, African American and coloured all at the same time. So quit whining at everything it’s honestly annoying

  • 2 months ago

    In the UK, a senior person in the sport of football was forced to resign because he referred to a non-white person as 'coloured', instead of 'a person of colour'. To avoid all this madness, I avoid, wherever possible, referring to them at all.

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    2 months ago

    Black people have names. Have you tried referring to them by their names?

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  • 2 months ago

    Black is fine, that's what we are, we refer to the white man as I just have so how we gone be offended by being called black? 

    We not people of color though, we're the Original people of the earth, in the beginning of time we was the only race that existed so we not people of color, everyone who not black is a poc. 

    The only person who gets offended at you putting the word African before American in order to describe him is a black immigrant or an Uncle Tom.

    Thank you for your question.

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    2 months ago

    Being allowed to say "person of color" and not "colored person" is like being allowed to say "the glass is half full" but not "the glass is half empty".

    And they say that there's something called "white privilege".

    When you're so protected that you can make up your own rules and take liberties among yourselves that others would be condemned for - I would define that as being "privileged".

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