statistics ?

I am struggling v.v due to covid and everything being online my professor's lectures, unfortunately, make no sense to me. If anyone can help that would be great!

Study description: The selection committee for graduate school is reviewing a group of applications. The committee must decide which applicants to admit to the graduate program. They had researchers study the associations between factors that influence GRE (the graduate record examination) scores and 1st year GPA in graduate school.


Specifically, they’re interested in understanding what factors are associated with someone’s 1st year GPA in graduate school and if different portions of the GRE (the verbal portion of the exam, the analytic portion of the exam, and the quantitative portion of the exam) are associated.

After collecting data, the researchers tested their hypotheses (below) using Pearson correlations. They’ve enlisted you to interpret the data below and explain the findings to them so they can make a decision about who to admit to graduate school. Below is the output from the analysis. Interpret the output and answer the questions below.

H1: Verbal subscore of the GRE is positively associated with 1st year graduate GPA.

r = ____, p_________. Is this a significant relationship? If so, interpret the relationship below (i.e., write one sentence explaining what the association between the two variables means).

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  • 2 months ago

    You refer to "the data below" without presenting the data.  And your r and p values are followed by blanks.  No one can help you until you provide the missing information.

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