help! windows key and fn key swapped??

was trying to take a screenshot without prtscn, looked online it said win + space + fn would do the trick, but it didnt and i kind of spammed all 3 in the hopes of it working but instead of taking a screenshot it switched my windows key with my fn key. so when i press fn the home screen comes up or whatever. very frustrated right now as i cant easily hit the windows key with my left hand anymore. please help!


I do not need to know how to take a screenshot. i need to know how to switch back my windows and fn key.

Update 2:

SOLVED: whilst spamming the keys once more in the hopes of it returning to normal, it did! editing this so if anyone has the same issue they can solve it. if fn key does windows key job, press windows key and fn, this should disable both from bringing up the home menu. then hold the two down for a good 5 seconds, and BOOM! it should be all fixed. 

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