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Why can't  a man ever show weakness ? Why are we so quick to judge men, and so forgiving to women ?

Why is it that women can talk to their friends or to their husbands/boyfriends about their problems, can even cry on their man's shoulder, but the one time the man needs emotional support from his woman....she bails..


A man cannot discuss his doubts with male friends or they will ridicule him.

He cannot discuss his doubts with his wife because she will lose attraction  and dump him (happened to me).

The only space  a man can talk about his problems free of prejudice is to a therapist...and even then he has to hide the fact that he has a therapist.

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    Seems like your wife wasn't the right one for you. In a loving relationship, you should (regardless of your gender) be able to show weakness and receive comfort.

  • Nat
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    2 months ago

    thee patriarchyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    2 months ago

    If YOUR experience in relationships is that men can NEVER show weakness, that "we" are quick to judge, that "we" are forgiving to women, that women bail ... that is NOT my experience.

    I think you need to find new friends.  I am not aware that men ridicule other men.

    Your wife dumped you.  I'm sure she had reasons that don't involve how strong or weak you are.

    Otherwise I do understand why you need therapy.  You are judging ALL women by one - your ex-wife.

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    This is not the case for everyone. Has it been your personal experience? If so, perhaps you are in the wrong relationships.

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    It's that way in a lot of cultures, and has been that way for a long time. That's why we have phrases like "man up" to mean "be strong and get the job done, stop whining." Or why some people say women are "too emotional" to be leaders. Women are judged, too, just in different ways. It's really not fair to men or to women. 

    But it also varies. I've had some male friends who would talk a lot and share their feelings with each other, and I've had female friends who didn't ever show emotion, didn't like to cry, etc. As for therapists, we really need to remove the stigma, for everyone. 

    I'm sorry to hear what happened with your wife and I hope you can find someone who is more open hearted and doesn't just want a "strong, silent type" of man. 

  • lala
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    2 months ago

    You are totally right 

    but its a cultural thing 

     Back then men enjoy looking strong and No tears 

    Tears were just for woman 

     Many times I heard a man saying ;;Oh you know she is just a woman ;

    and woman cry all the time 

     But it did change in the 30 yrs 

     My husband cry in front of me and I was there to support him 

    A nd your wife leaving because you cried  was just a excuse to leave you 

    If she had love you she would had never leave 

    Hope one day you will meet a nice woman 

    I am 78 

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