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What will you be doing with your mask once this COVID-19 pandemic is over and all under control?

For me I won’t be throwing it away, I’ll be saving it just in case if there happens to be just a really severe flu outbreak in my area. 

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    That's probably smart.  The outbreak, despite originating in China, has been less severe in East Asia than in the West.  One reason seems to be that East Asia has a long history of mask wearing.  I always thought it was because of the bad air quality in Chinese and Japanese cities, but they were actually wearing them during flu season to cut down on the spread of flu.  Early in the 20th century a Chinese doctor discovered that mask wearing can impede the spread of the flu and the practice became relatively popular in parts of East Asia.  When corona came along, many of these Asian countries adopted mask use early and easily. 

    We in the West never really adopted it.  But it would probably make sense for us to continue using masks during flu season.  The flu usually kills twenty to thirty thousand people a year in the US.  Wearing masks could cut down on this (flu deaths in the Southern hemisphere, which experienced its winter already, have been down compared to last year and it's believed that covid related mask wearing is responsible).  Also, covid isn't going away.  We're going to get this disease under control so that it's not threatening our society and killing hundreds of thousands of people.  But the disease is still going to be out there, just like the flu is out there.  And just like the flu springs up from time to time we'll probably have covid outbreaks from time to time, possibly even seasonal covid outbreaks.  The vaccine will keep these from becoming the massive problem that we see now, but mask usage will help impede the spread further.

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    I take it your mask is not disposable.  I have a lot of masks I made, also not disposable.  The best ones, at least, I will keep as souvenirs, or they could come in handy sometime.

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    I have many masks because I wear one every time I am out. I will save them for future use. Even after this pandemic is over, there will still be colds, flu and other viruses around. 

    In South Korea, even before this pandemic, if you have a cold or flu, you have to wear a mask at work. I think this is an excellent idea that should be adopted everywhere. I have caught so many colds at work over the years. 

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    I will burn mine in the front yard.

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