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i have 2 friends in my dorms. i don't really feel bad when its all 3 of us hanging out.?

i really close with one of them and also good friends with the other. They were friends before I came in the mix tho. It is always completely fine when its just me and friend #1 or when its just me and friend #2. but when its all 3 of us I don't feel so good bc friends 2 is kinda mean and rude. 

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    Your concern is what we would call "small potatoes". That is, its not a big one.  Don't stoop to the low level of friend #2, continue to be a nice person, and in good time, this will all be behind you in any case. You have school to think about and other friends to make, as well.

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    Uh huh, and what was your question?

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